‘Can we see the property in the brochure?’ asks the naive home buyer. ‘Yes of course’ replies the agent, ‘you are standing in it’.

Welcome to the world of photoshopping. The technology is so advanced that almost anything can be done to change, alter and enhance a real estate photo.

Whether it be disappearing power lines or a zoomed in and cropped photo of the “stunning view” from the bathroom window, photo shopping is rampant.

In some cases, photo shopping can be used to great effect without being deceptive. Instances such as dropping in blue sky given the photo shoot was taken on a rainy day or vanishing the tea towel that was accidentally left in the kitchen shot. Such enhancements do not alter the physical aspect of the house but they do ensure the best possible marketing.

Virtual furniture being inserted into vacant properties has now become normal. This shows how the spacing of the room could work and would feel. So long as the proportions of the room and furniture are correct, virtual furniture has merit for both buyer and seller.

Ultimately, it is the property that is being sold. Therefore the photos should be a true and proper reflection of the property without being materially altered or enhanced.

If you over enhance your property beyond fact in the marketing, buyers will become annoyed and deflated when they eventually inspect your property. This principle can also work in reverse. If the marketing is a true and honest representation of your property, the buyers will only find pleasant surprises once they inspect.

Delivering what is in the advertising is often a rarity when it comes to real estate. You can impress just by being real in the marketing.

Make every effort to make the home looks it’s best, just understand there is a line between best presentation and deception.

Before going to market, ask yourself, if I was a buyer looking at the brochure and then looking at the house, is the brochure a fair reflection of it? Most buyers only want what’s fair.



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