Is winter a good time to sell?

As Easter passes and the cooler weather sets in, many people considering going to the market will be faced with a conundrum – sell in winter or wait until spring.

The impact of the season on the campaigns success is often misinterpreted.

The winter vs spring debate roles around every year with predictions of low or no activity over winter and a plethora of new listings ready for the spring market.  Presenting better does not always mean higher prices.

In 2013 the Sydney real estate market experienced growth of 14%. Growth was not orderly. The majority of the growth came in late autumn and winter as low interest rates and low stock levels combined to create near perfect selling conditions.

Winter is often under-rated as a selling season. The fact that many competing home sellers hold their properties for the spring creates a shortage of stock on market.

The presentation may not be as good in winter, but does that really matter if the price is right?

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