Damning digital foorprint

The internet has been a game changer when it comes to the way real estate is transacted. Most of us are aware of the benefits the internet has bought to the marketplace.

However, there are pitfalls too. If you are unaware of these pitfalls, then your position can be compromised.

Every home now has a digital footprint. Every time a property is advertised for sale or rent, the price and the date are recorded against the property’s history. This information can be sourced by anyone now and into the future. If you fail to sell at auction, this event is recorded against the property’s history. Likewise, if you overprice and leave your home languishing on the market, this is recorded against the property.

Buyers are savvy and regularly access such information. Overall the availability of such data is not positive or negative, its existence is just a reality. It’s imperative that you protect the online reputation of your most valuable asset. In Real Estate Uncovered, an entire chapter is dedicated to protecting yourself against a damning digital footprint on your home.

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