Can you put it in writing?

When you are interviewing agents to sell your home, many will make appealing claims and promises. It may be the promise of a high price or the claim of superior customer service.

Consumers often experience a large gap between the promises made by sales people and the actual service provided. If you sign with an agent on the basis of certain claims they make, it’s only fair that you can hold that agent to account in the event they fail to deliver.

To ensure that you don’t fall victim to an over promising sales person, get all verbal promises in writing, before signing an agency agreement. If the agent’s price quote seems high, simply say to the agent, “that sounds good, can you guarantee it in writing?”

The best agents are more than happy to back up their verbal promises in writing. If an agent won’t guarantee the price they quote you, you need to ask why not before signing?

When employing an agent, you have the most power before you sign an agency agreement.

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